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"..this is great fun.."

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Internet Magazine : SITE OF THE WEEK - 31st January 2002
" We don't have any awards, but if we did we would show them off here "
..and that was the case until this one turned up!
We are very, very pleased to have received this award. (Well in actual fact to have received any kind of award at all!)
If you are interested in what they had to say then click the award image for more details.

WEBUSER.CO.UK Magazine review - 4th February 2002
" 3 out of 5 !! "

..Although, you can fully control the content and frequency of these windows, pop-up windows are always an irritation, so you might start to get a bit frustrated after a while..

Clearly there is no pleasing some people.

2002-2003 Golden Web Award - 25th March 2002
" Golden Web Award. "

As a recipient of the prestigious Golden Web Award we have been invited to join the IAWMD !!

..or we can pay $89 and see if we are good enough for a platinum award.

EduNET Connect Choice Award - 19th December 2002
" EduNet Connect - Choice Award "

Awarded to sites : providing and maintaining valuable educational content.

..fair enough!
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