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Beginner French Lesson > Lesson 0 > A French Alphabet!
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A French Alphabet!

The French Alphabet explained

Remember the order of the letters in the alphabet


The following may surprise..

The letters within the French Alphabet are the same as they are in the English one.
The difference lies in the pronunciation.
But I know what you are thinking, what about all those characters with funny lines on...

Well these are called Accents and this is one of the most notable differences between written English and French.

There are common accents for vowels. Sometimes the accents change the sound of the vowel and sometimes they do not.
Examples of Accents (using e):

é The aigu accent
è The grave accent
ê The circumflex accent

Notice that the circumflex and grave accents sound exactly the same.

It's not just vowels that have funny lines, You may also come across the following too (note this is not an accent)!

ç  The cedilla - ( Which sounds like an 'S' in English )
This can be heard in this example: ÇA VA? 

Another thing to note is that if an 'H' is used at the beginning of a word, it is always silent!

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