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Site Overview
[Question] How can this site help me?

Learn French with our simple to use and friendly language site. To learn French efficiently everything can be fully customised to your level, helping you to get maximum benefit when learning French online.

An example window that is part of our unique site
An example POPUP window that is part of our unique site.

Once Registered. The POPUPS can be fully customised to be as frequent and as difficult as you like. They can also be configured to show you French language information or set to ask you questions.

Our Free French Lessons can combine with our unique pop-up windows, to enable French learning and practise on your computer. At anytime you can tailor the content and settings of the site to your own level of French.

Once registered you will be shown how easy it is to configure this site to get the best out of it for you, whatever your level of experience.

[Question] Why does the site exist?

The author of this site looked around for a decent way of learning French online and couldn't find one that did exactly what he wanted.
So he made one!

[Question] How does it work?
We have developed some custom pop-up windows and a French lessons engine that delivers short pieces of information and questions.

Learn with these popups! Learn with these popups! Learn with these popups!

You can set these pop-up windows to open as often as you like, and your answers to the questions are recorded for you to track your progress.

These windows and lessons will aid your French learning online by testing and improving your French reading, French writing and (if you opt for the sound files) French listening skills.

The content of the pop-up's can be linked to our Free French lessons or can be fully customised to your own requirements.

[Question] Do I need to install anything?
NO! This site has been designed to work in the latest browsers*. So in theory you don't need to install anything.

* Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and above AND Netscape 6.01 and above

We do have some sound files though, in WAV and MP3 player formats, if you want to try them you may need to install some software in order to play these. The Learn to speak French and sound sample page gives you more information if you are unsure.

[Question] What does it cost?
Access to the all the site and all its services (except sound) is completely FREE!


Once registered you will get access to the 1000's of French sounds files for a period of 14 days completely FREE!

If you find these files useful to you, you can subscribe for a nominal yearly fee of £10 (approx $16 US or 16 Euro's) or £4 every three months, by using the Learn to Speak French page.

You are under absolutely no obligation to sign up for access to these files and we won't send you 2 dozen emails reminding you to do so!!

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..and then start your learning French online and at any time review your progress!

Got any suggestions for the site? Then let us know!

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French practice with our unique windows to your desktop, at intervals you decide!
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